ViaValve™ - Safety IV Catheter with Blood Control
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Features & Benefits

What's trust got to do with it?

Trust that the V-point needle helps maximize patient comfort with the lowest penetration forces

Trust that the Ocrilon® polyurethane catheter softens in the vein and becomes more pliable, allowing longer indwelling times

Trust that you've entered the vein when blood appears in the FLASH-VUE™ window near the needle tip (20-24g sizes)

Trust that the ribbed hub of the catheter facilitates catheter securement

Trust that the integral valve helps prevent blood exposure during the IV insertion

Trust that the push off tab keeps fingers away from the catheter hub, helping to reduce the potential of touch contamination

Trust that the safety guard surrounds the needle to help prevent unintended contact with the needle tip

Trust the audible "click" of the needle guard when safety is activated, signifying the needle is contained for handling and disposal

Trust that the ribbed needle housing promotes control during catheter insertion and safety activation

Trust the end cap helps steady the needle to facilitate catheter threading

Easy vein entry - Ultrasharp V-point introducer needle

High flow rate - Thin wall kink-resistant Polyurethane and FEP radiopaque catheters (can be used with power injectors for pressures up to 300psi)

Secure fixation - Long hub for generous suturing or taping

Flash visualization - Translucent flash chamber

Stabilization and secure grip - Long needle hub housing and bevel-up indicator

Easy vein entry – ultrasharp V-point introducer needle

High flow rate – thin wall kink-resistant Polyurethane and FEP radiopaque catheter

Hygienic sideport access – injection port with hinged snap cap (appropriate for injection pressures up to 45psi)

Secure fixation – wide perforated wings for suturing or taping

Stabilization – thumb tab and bevel-up indicator

First flash – translucent hub for early visualization

Needle-in-vein aspiration – removable flash plug

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